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Eco-Wash Dry Cleaning - Wetclean


Eco Wash is using Kreusslers patented chemical washing system SYSTEMK4, which is unique, innovative and environmentally friendly. The system cleans effectively without burdening the environment and the surroundings, like traditionally used perchlorethylene does. The new washing system still has the same superior cleaning efficiency without being dangerous for the environment. The system is dermatologically tested and skin-friendly. Washing method is gentle and the clothes feel wonderfully soft and fresh after washing.


Eco-Wash Laundry Services


Clean fabrics are essential for your business to operate smoothly. Outsource the washing of textiles to a certified, reliable laundry. You will release resources for your own business and can even rent the textiles from us as a total solution!


How does it work?


Renting the textiles is a complete solution where you can be sure that there is always access to clean textiles. We pick up dirty fabrics, wash and control the quality as well as deliver to the right place at the right time. You can do washing orders smoothly 24/7 through online.


Eco- Wash Health Care


Washing of healthcare textiles is a thorough job. We have invested in the total process where an unconditional purity is reached, and the strict requirements and standards of hospital and establishment surroundings are met. We have extensive experience as a provider of laundry services to health care which guarantees our professionalism and the quality of the product. Today, most of the establishment laundry is an automated data-driven work that is precisely monitored. We fulfill the entire service chain always as cost and energy efficient as possible.


Eco-Wash Hotel and Restaurant Textiles


Cleanliness in the Finnish hotels are known worldwide. The perception of cleanliness is enhanced especially by the clean and stylish textiles. Beautiful and clean textiles support your image and get your customers to fully relax and enjoy the experience. We want to reinforce eventful restaurant and hotel visits with a reliable and flexible textile services. We gladly handle all the necessary textiles such as bed linen, towels, tablecloths, runners, napkins etc.




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